Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Geologist Who Saved the World

Over and over and over again! ;)

The Phillip Mercer Books by Jack DuBrul
4.5 Stars (as a whole)
R- 2.5-3.75 (depends on the book. The first is actually the worst, I think.)

I like these. Think Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan books, Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt books (I haven't actually read any of his, but I did see Sahara. ;) DuBrul writes with Cussler a lot, though, so I figure it's probably a fair comparison.) only Mercer is a hotshot geologist. Which for some reason sounds a whole lot funnier (which I insist is a word) than hotshot CIA Analyst or hotshot ex-Navy Seal. You can read them in any order, really, but reading them in order will of course make slightly more sense. The first is Vulcan's Forge, then Charon's Landing, Medusa Stone, Pandora's Curse, River of Ruin, Deep Fire Rising, Havoc. If nothing else, read Deep Fire Rising before Havoc. I read Havoc first and it would have made more sense if I'd read Deep Fire first. The library should really stop picking books so late in a series for Reader's Choice. But whatever.

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