Saturday, December 13, 2008

I suppose I really should finish Reader's Choice...

before the next list comes out! So here are a few:

North River by Pete Hamill
I didn't read this one, but it doesn't look bad. Takes place during the Depression. Here's the blurb from the Reader's Choice pamphlet-- "Dr. James Delaney, a doctor to the poor in his tenement neighborhood in New York City during the Dpression, finds his life changed forever when his daughter, Grace, leaves her two-year-old son in his foyer. A quiet romance with the boy's nanny, mob threats, an FBI investigation, the pall of the Depression, and strong well-developed characters all add depth and breadth to this poignant story."

Odd Mom Out by Jane Porter
4 stars
R- 3 (Though one scene almost warrants a 4)

What's a girl who's dying to be popular to do when her mom insists on wearing camo pants and combat boots? Or is she really dying to be popular? Under duress from her daughter, Marta tries her hand at the PTA... with.... interesting results.
This was a really fun read. Not the kind of thing I usually pick up, but I liked it.

On Kingdom Mountain by Howard Mosher
I didn't read this one either, but it looks fun. All about a wild mountain town in Vermont and a fortune hunter looking for lost Civil War gold. I think I'll have to grab it next time I'm at the library.... It's been in the "for sale" stuff (a lot of Reader's Choice books usually are, because they have sooooo many copies!) and they've been 10 for $1 lately!

Sarah's Key- as I posted the other day, this looks fabulous. I just haven't gotten ahold of it yet.

Under Enemy Colors by S. Thomas Russell
"Mutiny, war, treachery and honor are all in the mix on this British Man O'War."
I'm not sure if I'll read this one or not....

Okay, only 4 left and I've read them all! Stay tuned....

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