Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not A Book

GASP! I'm reviewing something other than a book on my book blog!?!?!? Shame on me.
Oh well.
I totally love this show. And I've been seriously binging on it! In the past few days I've watched like 17 episodes or something.... and I've got 2 more discs sitting here, just waiting for the kids to go to bed.
I hate math. I mean really really hate math. And yet I love this. I'm kind of a sucker for crime dramas, and this one is fun. Granted sometimes I think the math is rather far-fetched. I mean, come on, there's just no way you can quanitfy some things. But still. While watching, you just don't care. Well, I don't anyway.
But do you know what really makes this show work? Family. I mean it. The main characters are brothers and the family dynamic of the 2 of them plus their dad is just awesome! They're funny, they're there for each other, their lovable. If you haven't watched it, try an episode or 2. It's one Friday nights at 9, I think (mountain time zone) on CBS.

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