Thursday, January 29, 2009

Almost Graceland

Almost Graceland by Steve Carlson
4 stars
R- 2

Okay, so this would have been better if I were an Elvis fan. As it stands, I have a passing familiarity with his music and everything I know about the man was learned from watching Lilo and Stitch ("Elvis was a model citizen").
So really, I'm sure a lot was lost on me in reading this book. But I still enjoyed it. It's a fun story and Ray Johnston is a likeable guy. I love his "prayers"-- which basically consist of him staring at the sky and talking to God (sometimes yelling) in a very "man-to-man" kinda way.
The "what-ifs" were fun and the explanation of continuing Elvis sightings was great.

Almost Graceland is a Reader's Choice book-- and this is what Reader's Choice is all about. Like assigned reading and book clubs, it's a reason to pick up books you never would have even thought about reading.

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