Monday, January 26, 2009

Assigned Reading

AMY posted something I found very interesting about assigned reading.

I must say I agree with her.

I LOVED a lot of the books I was assigned to read. Hated a lot of them too.

A Few I LOVED: (in absolutely NO particular order)
Number the Stars
The Giver
A Separate Peace
A Midsummer Night's Dream
The Chosen
To Kill A Mockingbird
War of the Worlds

The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
Romeo and Juliet
Far From the Madding Crowd
The Martian Chronicles
Fahrenheit 451

I read countless others, but those are the ones that stand out at the moment. There are, of course, others that I just felt "blah" about. (Return of the Native comes to mind.)

But all in all, I think everyone is better for having to read things that they wouldn't normally pick up.

Especially in a world where lots of people don't pick up books at all.


  1. I tend to agree with y'all. I liked some of the books I was assigned to read and I would not have read them otherwise, but I will say there is something to be said about assigning a book. I feel it as soon as I have been assigned a book for school - I drag my feet, put it off, etc.

    I really like Fahrenheit 451 - but that's me.

  2. I kinda feel like Book Clubs are an adult version of assigned reading. :D
    (and no, I haven't started War of the Worlds for Book Club this month yet...)