Friday, January 16, 2009

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As in books, as opposed to tv shows. You loved it, though. You know you did.

The Mislaid Magician or Ten Years After by Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer
5 stars

This is, of course, another reread for me-- the third Sorcery and Cecilia book. (The second is fabulous also. As Kate and Cecy are together for the duration of the book, it's written in terms of a commonplace book and a deposition.) This one sees a return to actual letter-writing-- with the fabulous addition of the letters of Thomas and James! Kate and Cecy still carry the book, but the extra letters round things out. (Not to mention, they're hysterical. Those must have been so much fun to write!)

James to Thomas-- " I shall present myself as [a potential investor], and if that will not serve to pry loose some useful information, I warn you that I will sacrifice you as well.... I shall not, of course, mention your utter refusal to take your seat in Parliament... What has it been, twice in the last fifteen years?
So, if you should receive any inquiries about your interest in investing in railways, kindly do me the favor of responding with circumspection. That is to say, I'd appreciate it if you'd tell them you'r like more information, instead of telling them to go to the devil."

From Thomas to James-- "Dear James, In London are you? Bored rigid yet?...
I can promise you that if I had a truly reliable gazing ball, I would never again return to my home weary from the hardships of the road to find my sister-at-law still visiting. Certainly not when the visitor seems to labor under the impression that she is hiding froma mysterious organization that plots her demise. (Not that I don't occasionally sympathize with the urge to plot her demise.)....
I may come to London myself. There are some fates worse than boredom. Put in a word for me with Old Hookey if you think I can be of the slightest use..."

James' reply-- "No, I won't invite you up to London. Find you own excuse to avoid your domestic disasters. Not that I blame you for wanting to avoid Her Grace, the Duchess of Waltham-- or have you suddenly acquired some other sister-at-law whom you wish to avoid?"

As if that weren't entertainment enough-- when all 6 children are together (2 of Kate's and 4 of Cecy's) and start casting spells of their own.... well, you can well imagine the chaos that follows.

And if you can't, it just means you haven't read either of the other books. And you really should.

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