Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Books Are Out Of Control

Natasha at Mawbooks posted an interesting question today-- How do you organize your books and what does it say about you?? So... here goes.
(Note, I only took pictures of the bookshelves in the main room...)

This one has-- LDS nonfiction and fiction; yf/ya stuff- fantasy and series; magazines; and scrapbooks.

And DH's big baseball stats book.
Because really, where else are you going to put something that big.
This one has classics, art/humanities, plays, more LDS fiction, classic civ.... action/adventure... more scrapbooks... It's a hodge-podge. But it's largely stuff of mine from college.
And it's largely because it looks cool.
(Maybe I don't want to know what all this says about me... hmm.)

I should explain that my genre classifications probably have more to do with my "reading moods" than they do with actual library or bookstore classifications. But because I read according to my mood, it makes sense to me to organize that way.
These are my historical fiction books. They're going to need another shelf soon.

The bottom of this one, which needs another shelf cut and put in, contains piles of sci-fi/fantasy. The rest of those are still in a box, because they haven't been unpacked yet.

Here are more classics and general fiction. We have a lot of cool editions of classics, so we try to display those where you can actually see them.

We also have a full bookcase in our room-- nonfiction, humor/comics, mystery, foreign language/German, etc.
And a FULL bookcase of kids stuff-- from picture books to jf/yf. It's in the hall.

Board books are all over the house. Literally.

(And then there are the 4 BOXES of books we're selling..... )

The books might be slightly out of control.

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  1. Awesome! I love photos of people's bookshelves! I especially like the action figures in front of the books. My husband has shelves of action figures in the office. He laments that I won't let them anywhere else in the house. But hey it's a whole room just for him!

  2. LOL. I made DH cut down on how much of that kind of stuff we have out.
    They're keeping the classics company.