Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Conspiracy Theory

Colby and David go to pick up McGill--

David- FBI. Don't do anything stupid.

McGill- (Grabbing video camera) You're being video taped, I'm warning you.

David- Hey, put that thing down.

McGill- Help, help. They're gonna kill me.

Colby- We're not gonna kill you.

Girl- What's going on in here?

Colby- Ma'am, we're the FBI. We need you to get in the other room, you two guys....

Girl- Randy, call the police.

McGill- Yeah Randy, go call the police. (Laughs) Fake badges? What, you guys think I haven't seen The Departed? You guys are here to execute me.

Girl- Let me see that badge.

David- Look, the badge is real and so is the jail you're going to sit it, now get outta here! Scram Move!

McGill- You can scare them, but you can't scare me. (Lays down on floor) I will not go quietly!

Colby- Will you go with pepper spray in your face?

McGill- (hops up) Okay, hands behind my back, right?

I love this scene. I really do. As they're leading him out, McGill starts yelling "Attica! Attica!" until they get to the door and he calmly asks if they're going left or right.


You can watch the full episode (and others) HERE and you absolutely should.


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