Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Mark

The Mark by Jason Pinter
4.5 stars
R- 2.5

This was a Reader's Choice from last fall. I'm just now getting to it. What can you do?

Henry Parker has laned his dream job-- reporting for the New York Gazette. And then it all goes terribly wrong-- and he becomes the story.

No reporter wants to be his own sotry.

Now on the run, Henry must gather some sort of evidence to clear his name, because even the cops want him dead...

I enjoyed this book. It was fun. Lot of language, though.

Apparently there's a sequel, but I'm not sure how I feel about Henry Parker as a series character. The story worked once, but I'm not driven by any sort of desperate need to read the next one. This book stands alone really well.

I'm not sure it works to do it again.
But as a stand alone, it was good.

(Okay, except for the random part about the one guy being in on it or something, and then suddenly we trust him again? Yeah, I didn't get that part.)

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