Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ah, Romance

That's right, I read a romance novel. And it was actually good. Which is a total "go figure" in my world.

Skinny Dipping by Connie Brockway
5 stars
R- 3.5

Okay, seriously a romance with a title like Skinny Dipping? Gag. I was not looking forward to reading this. But it was on the Reader's Choice list. Sigh.

But it was good. It was entertaining. And I'm talking laugh-out-loud entertaining.

And yeah, there was a love story, but there was also a lot of... life. Outside of the romance.

I have nothing against characters falling in love. Really I don't. I am, after all, a girl, and I think at heart we're all suckers for a good love story. As long as there's enough other stuff going on to hold my interest. :D

Skinny Dipping was also shockingly clean. Given that it's a romance, I was very pleasantly surprised to find only one steamy love scene. (Note, however, that it was steamy. Hence the 3.5 on the risqueity scale.) All in all, I was impressed.

Not impressed enough to change my mind about the genre, mind you.

I'm not going there. :D


  1. Love this. I like romantic stories, but not really romance novels. Go you!

  2. I just started my own blog, and during my endless blog overview, I came upon yours ! Good stuff !