Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Quote Time

Which, yeah, needs a better name. Any ideas?

One bit of Blog Business first-- the list of March Possible Reads at the moment includes Lost Boys by Orson Scott Card and Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George. I'll keep taking suggestions until the 12th or so....

On to today's quote!

From The Planets by Dava Sobel

Nothing could summon water from those dark seas of the Moon because they are, all of them, dry. Nor have the Moon's so-called seas ever known the presence of water. Though the lunar maria hintedd off a fluid interconnectedness to the first astronomers who eyed them and names them through telescopes, the first Moonwalkers to tread them retrieved the driest imaginable materials from their shores.
"Bone-dry", the lunar samples were described, though they are much drier than bones, which form inside the Earth's wet living systems, and retain the memory of water long after death.
Dry as dust then? No, drier still. On Earth, even dust holds water.

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  1. I vote for Dragon Slippers - cute and fun! Did you read Longitude by Sobol? Fantastic!