Monday, March 9, 2009

A Gluttony of Food Books

Has anyone else noticed this? (And I don't mean my likely totally improper use of the word "gluttony".) Food books are everywhere. Seriously everywhere.

Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs
3 stars

Written in a somewhat similar style as The Friday Night Knitting Club, Comfort Food is the story of a woman and her family-- both blood and otherwise. Gus is an engaging main character, most of the time, at least, and her family is definitely quirky.

Unfortunately... it just wasn't as well done as Friday Night Knitting Club.

Maybe that's not fair. Maybe I shouldn't compare. But, really, the style just didn't work for this one.

Because of the jumping from character to character, it sometimes takes part of the novel to get a feel for the characters. In Comfort Food, this is more successful for some characters than others.

One character was totally superfluous. I mean, she was likeable enough, but seriously superfluous. You could have taken her out completely and not noticed.

Like I said, though, I did like Gus. And you do get a decent depth on most of the characters by the end of it all.

But I was hoping for better.


  1. I have The Friday Night Knitting Club on my shelf but I haven't read it yet nor anything by this author.

  2. it is NOT an impression... food books are all over the place !!

  3. Natasha- I liked Friday Night Knitting Club once I got into it.

    Young Dude- oh good, I'm glad it's not just me imagining things!