Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday with Boo (and Mister)

[Who is screaming. Sigh.]

So, I thought maybe I would ask for input from my kid(s) for my Saturday posts.

Of course, this prompted Boo to ask me to write a book, missing the "about" part of what I write.

Anyway, we sat down to look at Frogs by Nic Bishop. That's right, look at, not read. I did try to read it, but it was causing a mutiny as Mister tried to turn pages at approximately the speed of light.

But hey, it's all about the photos, right?

Boo's "favoritest" is the red-eyed tree frog. Mister, apparently, found the blue dart poison frog hysterical, because that page made him laugh. His favorite, though, is the gliding frog, which inspired much pointing and "ooh wow"ing.

Unfortunately, this is not a boardbook. Which meant I had to put it away. He's still crying. This is clearly a tragedy on the deepest, most personal level.

Boo thinks other people would like the pictures. (We'll make a reviewer of her yet.)

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That was Boo. Have I mentioned I don't generally let her touch the computer?

Anyway, you can find out more about Frogs HERE and HERE and you can see Nic Bishop's website HERE.

And now I'm off to do weekend stuff.... and if Boo has her way that will include writing a book about Unicorns.... which she says Cari's (of Bookscoops) daughter will love as well.

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