Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday with Mister (Mommy Must Be Crazy)

(I've mentioned hating not having internet, right?)

Mister has been sick. Since he tends towards being a clingy child anyway, you can imagine how my week has been.

So Friday afternoon, being a glorious afternoon, Mommy went crazy and decided we should walk to the library.

The two miles there? Not so bad. Pop those kids in the double stroller and head on down the trail.

Being at the library was... interesting. I didn't feel too bad about whatever germs he may or may not have been getting on the board books in his grimy little hands. After all, library books are filthy by nature. They are, trust me. I used to volunteer at the library a few hours a week. They're gross.

I drew the line at playing with the library stuffed animals, though. Eww.

Anyway. The two miles home? Not so good. Given that I was pushing... oh nearly 70 lbs worth of kids plus the weight of the stroller... plus the like 10 lbs of freaking board books the little monkeys insisted on checking out. I'm so not kidding. We checked out like 20 books.

My favorite of the board books we checked out? A book of Haikus for babies. How cool is that?

Mister's favorite? I'm not sure. He was just kind of collecting them. He and Racoon (who of course had to come) had quite the pile. He also got a Wiggles movie. Yippee.

Aside from his eating books, he has another endearing quirk. He gives the books hugs. That's right, my little monkey takes books and cuddles them right up to his cheek like he does his stuffed animals. Cute cute cute.

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