Thursday, April 30, 2009

April in Review

Wow. It's the end of the month. Craziness.

So-- 11 books read in April... Hopefully 12 by the end of the day, but we'll have to see.

7 reader's choice. Well, 7 including the one I didn't finish. 8 including the one I'm reading now.

Didn't get to- my Book Group book for the month or my Monthly Possibility. But don't worry, they're sitting right here and I'll have them read soon.

Sorry, my brain is gone. (Teenager-sitting will do that to you.) I apologize for the horrid grammar, punctuation, etc. in this post.

To make it up to you-- fabulous contest posts:
100th Follower Giveaway at Melissa's Bookshelf
Treasure Chest Tuesday at Fantastic Book Reviews

Also... coming in May-- my review of Fault Line as part of a virtual book tour. My first such tour; I'm excited.
And-- I am going to have a giveaway! So stay tuned!

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