Friday, April 17, 2009

The Dark Tide by Andrew Gross

The Dark Tide
3.5 Stars
R- 3-3.5 (All towards the end... it was kind of weird)
Language (out of character... again, kind of weird)

I'd have given this more stars, but the character development was sketchy (characters really do need to speak in a way that matches how you describe them... and it needs to be CONSISTENT) and the editing was TERRIBLE.

Really terrible.

Drove me nuts.

Is it really that hard to keep straight which company the guy worked for? I mean, really? And no editor noticed that? Come on.

Now, I would feel far more forgiving if this was a first novel, but it's not. Andrew Gross has co-written and has at least one other solo novel.

But it was a really good story. Somewhat predictable, maybe, but fun. And fast-paced. I enjoyed it.... even though I want to contact the publisher and offer to copy edit for them.

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