Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bikini Season by Sheila Roberts

Okay, I've capitulated. In looking for blog posts that I didn't bookmark, I've learned that life is easier if the post title includes the book title. So there it is. I'll get on the bandwagon.

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4 stars
R- 3

This book was cute. It's total fluff, but sometimes you need fluff.

Four friends, Kizzy, Erin, Angela and Megan, are in a cooking club together. Or they were. But now Erin's wedding dress doesn't fit... and Angela looks huge in a photo of her next to her husband's hot assistant... and Megan's had yet another run-in with the "pencils" at work... and Kizzy's doctor insists she lose weight.

So the transform their cooking club into the Teeny Bikini Club-- and vow to be in Bikini shape (or at least closer to it) by the 4th of July.

But on the way, they all have bumps in the road-- Kizzy's husband doesn't like skinny women... Angela is uber-threatened by the hot assistant... Megan's got some issues to work out to make herself a "new woman"... and Erin? Well.... Erin is stressed. And stress means chips. Not to mention she keeps finding her brother's no-longer-quite-so-dorky friend in her head.

I enjoyed it. I'm not raving about it, but it was a cute story. Granted you want to head-slap some of the characters, but still. Sometimes you want a little cotton candy.

Though it does make me feel a bit self-conscious about this baby weight left over around my middle... maybe I need to form some sort of club.


  1. I like fluff, and cotton candy. I need a Skinny Bikini Club too.

  2. Maybe we should start one.

    Boo just "wrote" a "newspaper story" that said:
    We look like pillows. We are having a bad body day.

    I can so relate. :D