Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Morsel-- Special Edition

That's right, in honor of National Library Week, I'm doing Wednesday Morsel a little differently this week.

Rather than a "name that book" quote, I'm going to give you clues and you guess a title I have checked out from the library right now. Pick a title, any title. (I have a lot checked out, so you have options.)

I have 4 DVDs checked out.

I have 9 nonfiction- one of which is a biography by an author I have reviewed before.

I have 5 JF/YF/Early Readers. At least 2 are for me. They may or may not be by Lois Lowry. ;)

I have 10 fiction-- at least 4 of which are Reader's Choice... that I have not read yet.

I have 10 picture books-- one of which is a retelling of a nonfiction I've read and reviewed recently.

I also have 4 books on hold... and 1 DVD.

Have at it. Guess a title, any title. And support your local library!!


  1. I'm guessing Black Ships by Jo Graham. It's what I would read..if it were me.

  2. I love Lois Lowry, so I will guess you have The Giver or Messenger out. Yeah for NLW!!!

  3. You're both right. I have Black Ships out-- haven't started it yet. I think it's next.

    And I have Messenger out. (I own The Giver.) But I have to wait for Gathering Blue to come in before I can read Messenger.