Monday, April 13, 2009

The Long-Awaited Review-- Lost Boys

Lost Boys by Orson Scott Card
5 Stars
Some language, violence against children.

Wow. This really was amazing.

From IndieBound: "For Step Fletcher, his pregnant wife DeAnne, and their three children, the move to tiny Steuben, North Carolina, offers new hope and a new beginning. But from the first, eight-year-old Stevie's life there is an unending parade of misery and disaster.
Cruelly ostracized at his school, Stevie retreats further and further into himself -- and into a strange computer game and a group of imaginary friends.
But there is something eerie about his loyal, invisible new playmates: each shares the name of a child who has recently vanished from the sleepy Southern town. And terror grows for Step and DeAnne as the truth slowly unfolds. For their son has found something savagely evil ... and it's coming for Stevie next."

I'd never read anything by Card before-- this was my first. The tone was different than I expected. Okay, it was entirely different than I expected. For some reason (I have no idea what that reason is) I thought this was a Lord of the Flies type thing.

It's not. It is really, in essence, an LDS mystery.

Parts of it were ridiculous. I think there were at least 10 straight pages about the prestige of various church callings. I kid you not. And while, yes, I know there are people who actually think this way... it was ridiculous. And the way each chapter starts-- "This is why" "This is where" etc.-- drove me BATTY.

But I sobbed at the end. (Briefly, anyway. I've mentioned I'm not really a crier, right?)

I knew exactly what was coming, and I still sobbed.

I totally recommend this book-- with just two little... I can't think of the word I want. This is what happens when you get so wrapped up in a book that you don't go to bed until nearly 3... reservations? I guess... or maybe disclaimers. Anyway:

  1. Don't read this book late at night. (Obviously I know this from experience.) It is just creepy enough that passing dark windows going to bed is not good for the psyche.
  2. DO NOT read this book pregnant. I'm serious. Very serious. If you've ever been pregnant, you probably know what I mean. If you're already a hormonal mommy mess, wait a while to read this. I will not be held responsible for the results otherwise.

Many, many thanks to Mrs. B Roth for recommending it.

Oh, I mentioned that the library is ordering more copies, right? It's a good thing, 'cause this one is old and falling apart.

(Sorry about the IndieBound link-- I was going to put the picture link on, but it's a much creepier cover than the copy I read... Just so you know before clicking it.)


  1. I'm glad you liked it. I read it just a couple of months after I had my baby girl. I remember walking around with her in one of those baby carriers, reading the last bit, just sobbing. Carried that sadness for days. Card has a lot of good books. He's one of my favorites.

  2. As much as I loved it, I had to get it out of my head. That kind of sadness and paranoia is not healthy for me in the long run!

    I own a couple of other of Card's books... I've just never gotten 'round to reading them...

  3. I was waiting to see how you would like it. I'm not a big Card fan, but I know a lot of people are, I like your reservations those are helpful. I tend to avoid books like these because I can't get them out of my head.

  4. Yeah, I read some fluff right after finishing it rather than taking a nap like I was going to while the house was quiet.

    I'm glad I read it, though.