Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday with Mister

We're getting books for Easter.

Well, okay, technically Boo is getting T-Ball stuff. (We finally found an affordable lefty mitt! YES!)

But Mister is getting books. Kind of like this one:

Shop Indie Bookstores

But not quite. He's getting mini ones. 'Cause well, they're cute. Though since they're mini ones, I'm not entirely sure how to put the pictures in...

(Actually, I'm writing this post in advance, so by the time you read it, he will alraedy have them in his sticky little hands, because the Easter Bunny comes Friday night. Mommy cannot handle having all that craziness on Sunday. Getting ready for church is quite enough chaos, thank you very much.)

Anyway. I wanted to share these fabulously bookish posts--
Tips for Picking Books for your Kids and Easter Books!

Happy Easter!

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