Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday With Mister-- Security Book

Mister Climbing I don't know what it is, but books are almost a security blanket with this kid.

Climbing on the couch? Better take a book.
Mister Sitting Sitting watching cartoons? Gotta have a book in hand.
Mister climbing on Boo
Climbing on your sister? Definitely need a book. (If nothing else, maybe she'll accept it as a peace offering, right?)

Now don't get me wrong, I usually have a book in hand, too, but still. I think it's funny.

You should have seen what happened when I took the Handy Manny book away at bedtime. Actually, you probably heard it. That screaming wail right around 7 pm mountain time? Yep, that came from our house.

Still he's cute. Most of the time.
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  1. That's so cute! Our son has always been like that too...until the Easter bunny started his hotwheels truck collection. Now he's always carrying or asking for his cars, especially at bedtime. Or, books about trucks of course. we've never read any handy manny books...maybe we should.

  2. This is our first Handy Manny book, but it's really cool.

    And since the mini books come out, it's part puzzle, which is another thing he's really into right now.