Monday, May 11, 2009

The Trouble With Demons by Lisa Shearin

The Trouble with Demons
5 Stars
R- 3-3.5

My kids think I'm nuts-- why else would Mommy have spent all day laughing at a book? It doesn't even have pictures!

Ah, but I did laugh. Out loud. A LOT. Practically every page.

The latest Raine Benares story definitely does not disappoint. Lisa Shearin knows what she's doing.

As always, the voice is great. Here are some examples--

Time to put a stop to this. I slapped Phaelan on the shoulder. "We'll just refill one of our water skins with melted butter and we'll be good to go. You like seafood."

"Yeah, but I don't like seafood that likes me."

He did have a point, but I chose to ignore it. I jerked the strap tighter that secured my two new short swords across my back. Uncle Ryn had replaced the ones I'd stuck up the demon's nose. I pushed the crab out of my mind, prodigious pinchers and all. Of today's problems, carnivorous crustaceans were way down on my list of worries.

(Giggles just keep bubbling up before I can stop them.)

The huge Guardian wasn't going to let a little thing like treason to an acting archmagus keep him from doing his guard duty.

With the Isle running over with Demons, the soul-sucking stone no longer contained, and all sorts of crazy magical entanglements blooming, Raine has to keep her head to tackle the problems confronting her. Like the queen of the demons. Literally.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful review! And for saying that I know what I'm doing. Some days I definitely wonder. ; )


  2. Oh, I'd say you wouldn't have gotten this far without knowing what you're doing!
    Thanks for dropping by!!