Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Father's Day-ish Movie Review

*Note* Blogger hates me. This was supposed to go up yesterday. Sorry.

So talking about Alan Alda made me think of MASH (go figure) which made me think of


(It's a logical leap, I promise. "Yankee Doodle Doctor", a great MASH episode, has tons of Marx Brother references.)

These are awesome Father's Day presents. At least, they would go over great in my family. But we're kinda nutty.

Do you know the Marx Brothers? You have to know Groucho. Everyone knows who Groucho is... even if they don't realize they know.

My personal favorite is Duck Soup.

"Hail, Hail Freedonia!"

I love it.

Go, I tell you. Watch. Run, do not walk, to your nearest library and check out a Marx Brothers movie.

To tide you over, here are some clips:
The Mirror Scene
Abusing the Lemonade Man

And just for fun (From Horse Feathers)

What's the Password??

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