Monday, June 1, 2009

May in Review and a Look at June

Total read in May-- 15 1/2 books. (The half is Enter Jeeves since I haven't read the Reggie Pepper stories yet!)

One was a Reader's Choice that didn't get done before the end of April.... One sequel to a Reader's Choice...

One Virtual Book Tour!

Two Monthly Possibilities!

Zero Book Club books... sorry, ladies. Actually it's just because I'd already read Dragon Slippers. :D In June it's my turn to pick!

Only 1 nonfiction. That's normal, though.

So-- looking at June.

I've got... 4? Virtual Book Tours coming up...

June Possibilities? I've got one suggestion so far-- The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon suggested by Pam.

Leave a comment if you've got a suggestion... I'll put up a poll on the 10th or so! :D


  1. That is a lot of books read!

    Do you have a craving for any particular kind of book for June?

    Have you read any Connie Willis?

  2. I LOVE Connie Willis! I've read Bellwether, Doomsday Book and the Christmas one.

  3. You've GOT to read To Say Nothing of the Dog. Immediately. :-).

    I also really liked Passages, but that could just be me.

  4. Oh wait, I've read that one too!

    I'll put Passages down as a possibility though!