Monday, June 1, 2009

The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt (May Possibility)

5 stars

The Wednesday Wars
So, I actually managed to read the May Possibility IN MAY! Go figure. (Yeah, I know, it's now June. What can I say?)

I loved it. Lots of fun! The voice was FABULOUS! And it's a great story. Highly recommended for... well, anyone, really.

As a matter of fact, I need to give you some quotes. Because there were lots of great ones.

There was only my sister left. To ask your big sister to be your ally is like asking Nova Scotia to go into battle with you.

Is that not hilarious?

So all the rooms on the third floor where the seventh grade was had Coat Rooms. That's where we put our stuff-- even though it was 1967 already, and we should have had hall lockers, like every other seventh grade in the civilized world.

That just makes me giggle. (I didn't have a locker OR a coat room in seventh grade.)

Love and hate in seventh grade are not far apart, let me tell you.

So true.

RE: Romeo and Juliet:

Let me tell you, these two wouldn't make it very far in Camillo Junior High. Never mind that Romeo wers tights-- at least according to the pictures-- but he just isn't very smart. And Juliet isn't too strong in that department, either. I mean, a potion to almost kill you? She drinks a potion to almost kill you? Who would drink a potion to almost kill you? Then Romeo goes ahead and drinks a potion that will kill you because he can't figure out that she's only had a potion that almost kills you? And then Juliet, who at least is smart enough to figure out that Romeo really is dead, makes sure that she uses a knife this time, which is not almost going to kill you, but really will kill you?
Doesn't this sound like something that two people who can't find their way around the block would get themselves into?
Of course it does.
I have to admit, I have very similar feelings about Romeo and Juliet. Can I appreciate the tragedy and the beauty of the writing? Sure, but that doesn't mean they weren't idiots.

I have only one little issue with this book-- why/how was the Doug kid involved in the whole Mickey Mantle thing? Seriously, what am I missing? He's not mentioned in that whole episode and yet he's included when they get the balls and gloves? I'm so confused.

Was Mickey Mantle really that big of a jerk? Yikes. And did anyone else think Holling's parents had some serious issues? Living in the Perfect House.... how's that for irony.

Anyway, really great book! (But can someone, anyone, PLEASE explain what Doug had to do with Mickey Mantle???)


  1. Hm...I don't remember even noticing Doug's random involvement. Good question.

    I just loved the yellow tights with feathers on the...

  2. LOL. I know, me too!

    I asked a friend that's read it today and she didn't remember noticing Doug either...

    Maybe it's just me. :D