Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Reading Saturday-- Let the Games Begin

June 1st is Monday. The day after tomorrow. It's completely insane. I'm still not entirely sure what happened to April.

So here's the deal-- For KIDS, read 30 sessions over the course of the summer (June- August). You (and/or your parent) decide the length of a session. If you're in Salt Lake County (or want to use the cute chart anyway) you can print your own chart.

Boo will be doing 40 minute sessions ('cause I'm feeling really brave) and Mister will be doing 15 minute sessions.

For TEENS, complete 4 books and 4 "free choice" activities.
Free choices: read a book, magazine, graphic novel or
eBook • listen to an audiobook or CD • watch a DVD •
attend a library event • submit a book review at our website.
Print your own chart.

For ADULTS, well, it's a lot like the teens one-- 4 books and 4 "free choice" activities. Free choice for adults also lists reading to a child. I don't actually consider it too much of a challenge... I'm going to try for 8 books a month at a minimum. But it's still fun to participate. You can print your own adult chart, too.

So, I don't really need the chart for adults. Let's face it, I read that much anyway.

BUT, I sometimes have a hard time with my kids! So if I have to report our progress every week, I'll be accountable to you, right?

Here's what that will entail-- each week I'll post 1)how many sessions Boo and Mister each marked off that week 2)who did the reading 3)a favorite book or two. And maybe even a bookish picture.

Would YOU like to play?
Of course you would. Here's how you play-- Post about this on your own blog each week! For this week, post the age group(s) and session length, if applicable. Leave a comment here linking to your post and link this (or the current week's) post in yours.

If you don't have a blog-- you're still welcome to play! You can email me (schriftstellarin[at]hotmail[dot]com) your progress each week (I need it by Friday 10 pm Mountain Time) and I'll include it in my post OR leave your progress in a comment each week!

It's that simple!! I hope you'll play! The more the merrier!!


  1. My daughter (age 11) and I are in. We won't be keeping track of reading sessions, but we'll at least post about what we read and a favorite from the week!

    Thanks for organizing this!