Friday, June 19, 2009

More Minis!!!

Clean up your Feed reader! You can add categories or folders and stuff. Who knew?

Google Alerts! Excellent tool.

Rainy Day Posts! Gotta love having posts ready in advance.

Blogging Buddy! Formalized and finalized and all that.

Favicons and Gravatars! Good things to have.

Elevator Pitch! "Confessions of a Book Habitue. Book reviews in a wide variety of genres!" Maybe more of a tagline, but hey. I like it.

Anchor Text Challenge! Good anchor text makes the world go round...

Website Grader Challenge! Always a good thing to do. And my score is UP! Woohoo! And with the added MetaData it's up again!!

So I haven't necessarily done anything actually ON my list, but I've done quite a bit, so I think I'll write a "what I got done" list instead of a "to do" list.


  1. Sounds like you are making progress and learning lots!

  2. Thanks Natasha!

    I wouldn't have gotten any of it done if you hadn't started this!!