Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Morsel-- More or Less

Yes, I've been grossly negligent in the Wednesday Morsel department. And today of all days, I need a good quote. (What do you do with a sick toddler who won't stay on the couch unless YOU stay on the couch?!)

So I need your best funny quotes! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?! I don't think I'll make it through the day without some humor! (Any source-- movie, radio, email, book, tv.... I'm desperate.)

Here are some of my favorites:

"We need to talk"
Innocent enough words coming from most people, but rarely a good thing from a chief watcher. Too much talking right now on my part, especially honest talking, and I'd end up in the city jail."

That being from Magic Lost, Trouble Found-- Lisa Shearin, of course.

"Ah, I was wondering why there was nothing in the cupboards."
"Yeah, we needed the cardboard boxes to make a model of Skylar's house. We need to check the camera placement."
"Well why not just go up to the actual house?"
"We need to be able to adjust the walls to make sure it's the best coverage."
"And for some reason they won't let us move the walls of the actual house."
"How inflexible of them."

Okay, that's from memory. Numb3rs, season 2, episode 3-- "Obsession". LOVE that episode.

Ooh, how about:

Gotta love Bill Cosby.

And MASH... I love MASH. Of course, nothing comes to mind at the moment... I need to watch the episode with the poker game again. Season... 2? With Colonel Flagg. :D

And of course there's always Stan Freberg! For your listening pleasure--
Christopher Columbus
The First Thanksgiving (Absolutely not PC-- just so you're warned.)
The signing of the Declaration of Independence

So-- hit me with your best shot!


  1. Best I could do off the top of my head is my quotificent section on the blog. Only four entries, but the most recent one is pretty excellent. Check here

  2. Those are fabulous.

    Another one that comes to mind-- (also from Bill Cosby) "All children have brain damage."

    Apparently around here that dictates that with Mister on the couch (half passed-out) Boo simply must get into enough trouble for both of them.

    Mommy might scream soon.