Thursday, July 30, 2009


I've gotten a couple of awards lately!
Let's Be Friends from Laura at I'm Booking It!

And Honest Scrap from Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile!

Now, I am an absolute party pooper, but I just don't know who to pass what on to these days!

But, in the spirit of Honest Scrap, I will post 10 random tidbits about myself and I will try to make them non-bookish things you might not already know--

  1. 1) I love penguins.
  2. 2) I studied Humanities but never finished my degree (there's always later, right?)
  3. For some reason this post absolutely hates me.
  4. I've been teaching myself html in bits and pieces for more than 7 years... but what I can actually do with it is pretty limited.
  5. Deer walk right past my door on a semi-regular basis.
  6. I absolutely LOVE the shows Numb3rs, NCIS, MASH and Star Trek (TNG!)
  7. I also really love the show Chopped on the Food Network
  8. My favorite color is Orange, though I only realized it a couple years ago.
  9. I have an obsession with the spices Curry, Cardamom and Cumin
  10. I have a book club that I sort of started and sort of run by default. :D

That was a lot harder than I thought it would be.... I'm really not all that interesting. ;)


  1. Cute! Love that deer walk past your front door regularly. I have birds whipping past my head all the time, but deer are more interesting.

  2. The only downside is I can't plant anything I don't want eaten! My little garden is at my mom's house!