Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

5 stars

This was such a fun story! Not what I was expecting, but really really enjoyable.

What was I expecting? Something a little more.... anime. After all, that's what the movie is. (Which I haven't seen yet, but it's around here somewhere.)

Diana Wynne Jones never disappoints, I've decided. She may confuse, but she doesn't disappoint.

I was slightly confused by parts of this book, but that may come more from finishing it at about 2 a.m..... Who knows.

Sophie is the eldest of three sisters, and so naturally everyone knows she can never amount to much. The eldest never does, you know. (Hmm... should I take that personally?)

But when her sisters switch places and a witch turns her into an old woman, it appears Sophie will have no choice but to seek her fortune.

Which leads us to Howl, or Pendragon, or Howell, or Jenkins.... whatever you want to call him. The heartless wizard who lives in a moving castle and, as everyone knows, goes about stealing women's souls and eating their hearts. Or something to that effect.

Add in a fire demon with an attitude and a sweet if sometimes daft apprentice and you have a wonderful story.

AND if that wasn't wonderful enough, there are TWO companion books/sequels!! Castle in the Air and House of Many Ways. Which I now need to get my hands on. :D

(Also fabulous are the Chronicles of Crestomanci by Diana Wynne Jones.)


  1. This is one of my absolute favorite books to re-read! :) All the characters are awesome - and maybe it'll make better sense a 2nd time? The movie is quite charming, somewhat different from the book, but still excellent in its own right.

    I loved Castle In The Air (though not as much) but couldn't get into House Of Many Ways.

  2. I loved Howl's Moving Castle - both the book and the movie. I haven't read the other two books - yet.

  3. I STILL haven't picked this one up! And I haven't read anything of hers yet! I have got to get on it.

  4. I went on a Diana Wynne Jones binge a while back (5 to 10 years ago). I really enjoyed the books I read then, but I haven't read many since. The ones I read tend to run together in my mind.

    The movie was a lot of fun.

  5. Epic Rat-- I definitely plan to reread it! I think it would make more sense a second time through!

    Sharon-- So many books, so little time, right?

    Melissa-- Go get it from the library!! WELL worth it!

    booking it-- Yeah, when I found the Crestomanci books I blew through all of them. (Or thought I had, there are 2 more now, I see.)

    I really need to see the movie...

  6. I really loved this book! I have also read Castle In The Air (which wasnt as good) and Im waiting on House Of Many Ways from the library. The movie is good but it barely resembles the book.

  7. I wondered if the movie would follow the book. With it being an anime and all. The book didn't really have an anime feel...

    (Wow, that's some bad grammar...)