Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Celebrate Your Favorite Under-Appreciated Classic Author

I love Henrik Ibsen. I think I own every play the man wrote and I've read pretty much all of them too. LOVE them.

It all started in 10th grade-- AP European History (which was a great class, by the way). We could read A Doll's House for extra credit or something. I was hooked.

I think A Doll's House is still my favorite. There's just something about it. I can't even put my finger on what exactly. I just love it.

So, who do you celebrate? And it can't be Shakespeare or Austen... or Dickens. They aren't under-appreciated.
How were you introduced to their works?

Let's give the under-appreciated classics a little love... :D


  1. I have to admit a love for Nathaniel Hawthorne. Perhaps not under appreciated, but how many people admit to liking The Scarlet Letter?

  2. Wilkie Collins is by far my favorite under appreciated classic author. His books are tons of fun, with amazingly witty writing. I've never been able to figure out why he isn't more well-known, unless it's because he was during the same time as Dickens and thus overshadowed by him.

  3. I liked The Scarlet Letter! Haven't read any of his others though...

    I'm not sure I've even HEARD of Wilkie Collins! Off to add him to me tbr pile!