Monday, July 6, 2009

A Band of Roses by Pat McDermott

5 Stars
R- 3

I almost turned this one down when the email came round. Because it was an ebook. Of which I am not a huge fan. But it sounded really interesting. I have to admit, though, the size of the pdf file was intimidating. (667 pages. I'm not kidding. That's a lot of staring at the computer.)

Can I tell you how glad I am that I took it on anyway?!! I loved it.

Part alternative-contemporary-history, part action-adventure, part almost historical romance, part sci-fi.... (yeah, I think I'm making up genres). You wouldn't think all that would work, but it does. It really does.

Here, watch the trailer.

(Can you see that? If not, you can see it on youtube.)


Parts of A Band of Roses reminded me of Connie Willis' Doomsday Book, which is very complimentary. I LOVE Connie Willis.

All of the styles swirl around and work well together even though you would think they shouldn't. Somehow they do. Maybe it's because Talty is such a great character. The Irish princess is fiery and determined, as well as strong and smart. After being married off twice, she's still her own woman.

Great read, even as a pdf. And that's saying something, 'cause I don't have a lot of patience for long pdfs.

This is a Virtual Book Tour book, and you can also learn more, as well as read excerpts, on Pat McDermott's site.

Also, check back next week for a great interview with Pat McDermott!!


  1. I don't do e-books either, but might be doing this one. It sounds fascinating.

  2. I've had the pleasure of reading this ebook and the 667 pages fly by! You'll be left begging for more! Hope the author has a sequel planned!!!

  3. Thanks so much to our Book Habitué for all that reading and for the great review. Gwynlyn, I hope you'll give it a try. E-books are everywhere, and they're changing the way people read. Kathleen, it's always wonderful to hear someone enjoyed my book. Thank you both for stopping by!

  4. Gwynlyn- This one was totally worth it!

    Kathleen- It's true, they flew by really fast.

    Pat- Thanks! :D