Monday, August 3, 2009

Month In Review-- July

Do you ever look at Amazon's recommendations? I find them interesting. This is what comes up first for me today... Clair Poulson's Lost and Found. Haven't read it, but it looks interesting.

Books read in July-- 11. Not quite by book-every-two-days rate, but it's July. July's a crazy month.

Breakdown-- 2 Reader's Choice, 3 Virtual Book Tour, 1 Newbery. Library books-- 8/11. (The other three were the VBT books.)

Outstanding Monthly Possibility reviews--
Shadow of the Wind from June-- Have it from the library, just haven't read it yet.
The Actor and the Housewife from July-- still on hold... # 381 or something.

Zero book club books read in July... I did start July's book (Mormon Scientist), but it's probably good that we pushed it into August.

Oh, and the book I got for my sister's birthday-- Fairest -- yeah, she has it already. Time for plan B. I just have to remember what plan B was.

So, leave your suggestions for August Possibilities! I'll post a poll next week sometime!

Edited to Add-- My Year to Date total-- 91 books!
*Oh, and a little correction. June was also 11 books read. I've got to keep better track!

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