Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon

5 Stars
R- 1-2

There had dang well better be a sequel. Honestly. It borders on criminal to leave readers hanging like that.

Ai Ling is horrified when her parents start trying to make her a wife and, though she's embarrassed to be rejected by potential suitors, she's also secretly relieved.

But then her father leaves to visit the palace-- and is gone for months. When her mother is confronted with a choice-- either pay a sum of money they don't have or give the merchant Ai Ling-- Ai Ling leaves home to find her father.

The journey that follows is beautiful and terrible-- a lyrical piece that was wonderful to read.

It reminded me of Little Sister and The Heavenward Path by Kara Dalkey (which I loved) but Silver Phoenix is for an older audience. (The library sticker says YF, but I think I'd call it YA.)

Anyway, I really loved it. (And you have to love that cover!!) According to Cindy Pon's author page on GoodReads it looks like there is a sequel planned! I can't wait!!

You can learn more at Cindy Pon's website!


  1. Cindy is writing the sequel as we speak! Hooray!

  2. Sounds great-- I added it to my list :-).

  3. i'll be done with the sequel this week. beginning to write the ending tomorrow.

    britt--i'm so happy that you enjoyed it and it's an honor to be under your "favorites" label.

    llehn--you are everywhere. haha! =D

    the sequel will be out fall 2010!

  4. Yea on being done with the sequel!!!! But I have to wait a whole year!?!?! Aw.....


    imbookingit--Definitely add it to your list!!

  5. I've been hoping to read this one for a while! Better move it up on the list!

  6. The only disadvantage to moving it up your list is having to wait a year for the next one!!
    I'd move it up anyway... ;)