Monday, October 26, 2009

An Evening Update

2 and a half books. That's progress, right?

In 9 hours.

Give or take. Since again, I didn't bother adding up all the little distractions... Though I did take a full hour off to help clean up toys, fix dinner (well, nuke it), and put away clean laundry. Clean laundry is my nemesis. I simply cannot keep up with putting it all away. With young children I literally do laundry at least 3 days a week and often have 2-4 loads sitting around waiting to be sorted and put away. Sigh. But I put 3 loads aways tonight. More or less.

Other distractions include Mister needing a diaper change and cuddles after his nap. He always needs to sit with me for a bit after a nap. Also, Boo getting her slinky caught in her hair. Again. Letting Mommy DO her hair would prevent this, but whatever. I'm not great at doing hair and she knows it.

But, heaven be praised, she did find Mister's Nemo book. Which is good. It's been AWOL for 2 naps and one bedtime and they weren't pleasant, I tell you. He has very strong feelings about having to go to sleep without his Nemo book. Maybe I should buy a spare... Last night we had to let him take his new tugboats to bed as consolation. All three of them.

I have weird children.

Back to my mystery/thriller/Reader's Choice that I'm halfway through!


  1. 2 1/2 books is great! Hey, reading a newspaper is great with 2 kids. I am also AWFUL at putting away clean laundry. I mean, it's clean, so I guess I don't feel that guilty about it, but then it starts to cover our couches... I wonder if my son would sleep better if I let him sleep with his hotwheels.

  2. All children have their quirks. Mine usually goes to sleep with a sippy of water. Last night he wanted two sippies with water. I don't have any idea why. They have character tops, so maybe that was it.

  3. Infant Bibliophile-- thanks! I actually sat Boo down when she got up and explained that Mommy was reading all day. I think that helped a little. They're used to me spending some time reading anyway. Yeah, when I run out of baskets for the clean clothes we have a problem...

    Amy-- so true. I love that he wanted 2 sippy cups!
    Our crisis this morning was that Mister couldn't find Simba or Nemo when he woke up. They were in Boo's bed. She says he spent at least part of the night sleeping on the bench/dress-up chest at the foot of her bed...