Monday, October 26, 2009

Update 1--- Mildly Discouraged

Five hours. And only one book read. And it's not even a long book.


But hey, I finished it. (It was Whose Body? by Dorothy Sayers.)

And I didn't track how much of that 5 hours was really spent on distractions.... Mister got new toys last night at an extended family birthday dinner and they just HAD to be opened. Boo can't find a doll she hasn't even thought about in months and months. (I got rid of it. Shhhh, don't tell her.)

And for some strange reason they both wanted lunch at the normal time. Demanding children. :D

I now need to find something more substantial to eat than the flavored wheat thins I've been eating....

And then I have to keep from dosing off. That's the other reason I've only finished one book. That whole waking up at 4:30 thing is killing me. Started to dose a few times already!

Alright, off I go again!


  1. Dozing.... not dosing.... sigh

  2. Britt, you can do it! Dosing (but not overdosing) or dozing aside.

  3. Dosing could be good too.... ;)

    My afternoon went a lot better!