Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday with Boo and Mister-- Mimics

You missed my crazy kids, didn't you?

I thought so.

SO. We have reached 2 very different stages of mimicry in our house.

Exhibit A- Mister the Mimic. All dressed up on his birthday. yep, he's cute.
And for the most part, so is his mimicry.
He's at that stage where he just repeats stuff you say. 'Cause, hey, I'm still learning this whole talking thing, Mom.
Prayers are hysterical. Because he'll copy what's being said whether it's "his turn" or not. And really, how do you discipline a kid for praying?
Listening to him talk to tv characters is also highly amusing. Which coincidentally is a nice segue to....
Exhibit B-- Boo the Mimic. In typical tv-zone-out mode. (Though, ironically, I don't actually think the tv was on when I took this picture. Go figure.)
Boo's mimicry is.... less cute. Let me give you an example--
"Mom, we need Oxiclean because it gently removes tough stains."
"Mom, Kotex pads have leak guards and move with you."
This is why I hate other tv stations. They show commercials. And when it's not "Mom, I want THAT!" it's repeating the promises in the commercials... verbatim. As if listening to the tv weren't bad enough.
It's just a stage, right? (And yes, she repeats lines from tv shows too. Out of context. Sometimes amusing.... sometimes.... not.) She has a freakishly good memory, but the mimicry is a stage right?
I hope so.
Otherwise she going to grow up with Mommy and Daddy constantly quesitoning if what she's saying is really her or if she's quoting some show again....


  1. When my daughter was about Boo's age, she very seriously told us about the advantages of various laundry detergents. In the words of the commercials. I decided I just had to laugh.

    She still does it occasionally, although she is better about using the DVR to skip the commercials. I use it as a learning opportunity...

  2. lol

    Well, I'm glad it's not just us... :D

  3. That's hilarious! Maybe she's prepping for her celebrity endorsement days...

  4. There's a thought. At least then someone would be paying her for it, right?