Friday, October 16, 2009

The Everafter War by Michael Buckley

5 stars
R- 0
JF- Book 7 in The Sisters Grimm
Source-- Library

Definitely the darkest book thus far. Go figure, with "war" in the title and all.

Once again, I really enjoyed this latest installment! It is darker, though. The little skirmishes of the previous books have escalated to full-on war... and Sabrina's reunion with her parents isn't exactly all she had hoped for.

Sabrina herself really does quite a bit of growing up in this book, which is good, because the whining starts to get old at some point. I only hope and pray that there's no relapse in the next one.

We also finally learn the identity of The Master-- the nefarious leader of the Scarlet Hand. I wasn't completely 100% suprised, but it's definitely a twist.

Of course, you learn it at the very end, so most of the fallout will be in the next book. In case you were wondering, and I'm sure you were, the next book (according to Amazon, at any rate) will be called The Inside Story and comes out May 1st. Figures. Yet another book I have to wait at least 6 months for.

(I thought about saving this one for Fairy Tale Week, but didn't want to wait that long!)

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