Thursday, October 15, 2009

Snow Blind by PJ Tracy

5 stars
R- 2... maybe 2.5

Another great installment in the Monkeewrench mysteries.

Okay, I will warn you, this one is creepy in a "are vigilantes ever right in what they're doing" kind of a way.

Possibly the creepiest one yet. Well, maybe not. Dead Run was dang creepy.

The beginning is slightly confusing, as you have multiple seemingly unconnected threads to the story, but don't worry, they all come together.

We also meet an interesting new character-- Iris Rikker-- who is unfortunate enough to have a homicide almost right outside her office... on her first day as sheriff. Add in the fact that she never worked anything but the dispatch desk BEFORE becoming sheriff and you can see how bad her day is going. (And don't worry, you do in fact find out the whys and hows of her ending up as sheriff to begin with. It was kind of driving me crazy until the pieces started coming together.)

It's also creepy in a "how well do you really know people" and "what secrets do people live with" kinda way.

It's a great read, though. Unfortunately, I think I've run out of Monkeewrench books for the time being. Next one doesn't come out for about 6 more months....

Other than reading Monkeewrench first, I'm not sure it's vital to read the others in order, but for those keeping track, here they are in order:
Live Bait
Dead Run
Snow Blind
Shoot to Thrill (April 2010)

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