Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fairy Tale Quizes (however you spell that)

So today for Once Upon A Week we're taking a quiz.... or three.... about what character one is most like. I'm not sure I like any of my answers...

The Test (1) Little Red Riding Hood-- 40%-- Congrats! You're Little Red Riding Hood! You like long treks to your relatives home but are often stopped by the local wildlife. You will achieve much and hopefully be known by your name and not an item of clothing!

Rapunzel-- 30%--You have no freedom and you are often lonely, but don't worry. Your beautiful long hair shall dazzle everyone in your path!

Snow White-- 20%--You're very kind and in tune with nature but unfortunately have a relative you don't get on too well with. Don't worry, you're kindness will get you many friends!

Jack in the Beanstalk-- 10%--Your goal in life is to become rich and you will go to any lengths to do so. However, you are quite trusting and known to make rash decisions without thinking them through!

Test 2 The Evil Stepmother-- You've got a reputation for being mean and nasty, but that's not the real you! Sometimes you feel like you have to be a little more aggressive than most people to make sure things get done the way you want them, but that doesn't mean you are a horrible person. You are consistent and intelligent and need to feel in control before you can open up with people or relax. You have a softer side that you never let anyone see, and, okay, it's true- sometimes you do have a few evil plots in development; but not TOO many!

Test 3 ROBIN HOOD! You are a leader, a good one too. When you want to do things, you think things through and try to figure out how to get the most out of what you are given.

Which honestly makes very very little sense given how I answered the questions.... And Evil Stepmother? Really? Come one, people.

I also did the following, just to round this out...

Facebook-- which Disney movie defines your life-- Robin Hood.

Which Disney girl are you-- Esmerelda

Literary character-- Frodo (Um... okay....)

How I can be most like Esmerelda one moment and Frodo the next is beyond me.

Oh, but yeah, there is a point to all this. After completing a quiz (or 6...) rewrite a favorite fairy tale with yourself in the place of your quiz result character type.

And this is where I'm struggling. Apparently the writer part of my brain has been turned off. Could have something to do with the 600 things I have to do between now and Saturday.

So unless someone wants to come do my dishes and put away the clean laundry..... we may be out of luck on the story. I do apologize for getting your hopes up.

If YOU take a quiz... or 6.... drop a line and let me know who you ended up with!! And if you write a story, leave me the link. The reader part of my brain is in fine shape. :D


  1. Hey, I'm apparently the Gingerbread Man so you got off easy.

    (BTW quizzes)

  2. lol-- I don't know, I'd almost rather be the Gingerbread Man.

    (I suspected there was another z....)