Monday, December 28, 2009

I Love Getting Books For Christmas...

And I only had to buy 2 of them myself... :D

What books did YOU get for Christmas?

(Check back in a couple days for Boo and Mister's Christmas book



  1. I didn't get any books for Christmas. :( I have so many books already I'm sure everyone's worried they'd get me something I already have.

  2. Sad. :( Nobody dares buy me books unless I give them titles. :D

    (Wow the formatting on this post is screwy.... sorry about that.)

  3. No books for me either! My mother in law did send a couple of great ones for the little guy, though. I love when she sends us books, because they are New Zealand titles we can't get here. One is a short story collection he is too young for now, and the other is a picture book about a new zealand bird that I'll post about sometime soon. I also got a great New Zealand quilting book from her recently. I really don't buy much fiction, because I don't reread.

  4. That's cool to get books from New Zealand!
    I reread a lot. Plus I just really like to own books... :D

  5. How fun! I really only got three books this year for Christmas. I usually only get books, but I branched out for some other things this year.

  6. Yeah I've had many a Christmas where I've gotten almost nothing but books! :D