Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Laced with Magic by Barbara Bretton

3.5 Stars
R- 3- 3.5
Sequel to Casting Spells

Not really any hint of mystery in this one, and my library shelves it in Romance, but it wasn't bad. ;)

This one was a little more frustrating for me, because of the love triangle-y story line, which I'm just really tired of.  Still not a bad story though.

Chloe is working on developing her powers, loving Luke, hoping Luke wants to stay in Sugar Maple even if he's the only human around, and keeping the psycho Isadora banished.

But then Luke's ex-wife shows up.  Which is bad for a couple of reasons.... well, there's the obvious that she's the ex, but she's also yet another human in town, which doesn't thrill the other residents.

Add in the fact that Luke had a couple secrets of his own....  And Chloe could be in over her head.

Now, the first book really could have stood alone, but with the crazy ending  this one has, there's no way this is over.  At least it had better not be. 

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