Monday, December 14, 2009

Is Anyone Actually Reading??

With less than 2 weeks until Christmas I have all my Christmas cards made, stuffed into envelopes and MOST of them stuck in the mail or hand-delivered.

I'm also basically done shopping.

And almost done wrapping.

And nearly done with hand-made gifts.

How is it I still don't seem to be able to find time to read?!?! Is anyone else managing reading time in all this craziness?

Friday I spent nearly 2 hours on craft projects with my kids. (Boo was making a gift for a family member and then we made 3 ornaments to catch up on our ornament-a-day project.)

It was exhausting. Seriously.

I spent like half the weekend sleeping... and a lot of the other half wishing I was asleep.

It's ridiculous. Here we are nearly halfway through the month and I've read exactly 2 books. And I read them both (cover to cover) in the same day.

So am I just in a reading funk? I mean, it happens. Or has the season taken over my brain completely? Or is everyone out there in the same boat?

Before I sign off for today's round of craziness (Stupid dr's appts... is it March yet? I'm tired of being pregnant.) here are some of the ornaments that exhausted me Friday.

(Sorry about the sideways-ness. Too tired to go through the hassle of fixing and reposting...)

The first there is Mister's reindeer, then Boo's.

These others are Boo's pom-pom ornaments. Gluing sparkly pom-poms onto clothes pins was such a huge hit they each made 2.


  1. This is so funny, because I know I have told you that I can never seem to read adult books anymore... last night I started reading the Chosen One in the bath. I thought I'd just read 20 pages a day or something. I finished it at midnight. :)

  2. I haven't been reading much at all. I don't know if it's because of the holidays or because I'm not that excited about any books right now. Yeah, I'm in a funk.

  3. Infant Bibliophile-- Awesome. Congrats. :D It's always fun to get sucked into a book.

    Haiku Amy-- yeah I can't decide if it's holidays or lack of excitement either.... sigh. Can we blame the weather? Maybe it's too cold... ;)

    Suey-- I hear ya.

  4. I've been reading books, but not blogging or reading blogs :-(. I'm way behind on Christmas stuff, but that's normal for me.

  5. Booking It- Funny, I'm keeping up on blog reading okay (alright, I'm blog skimming most of the time).

    So between us we have one normal book blogger's activities?

  6. Reading... you mean books? Yeah, not so much. Recipes, yes. Directions on silly crafting projects to be completed with small children, sure. Labels of heartburn medication for pregnancy safeness, absolutely! Lots of reading, but definitely not books.

    Surely it must be almost March.

  7. Nessie, we are sooooo in the same boat. As for the heartburn meds, I have hyper-acidity problems anyway, so my dr. put me on Prevacid since I can't take Prilosec pregnant.

    It's a beautiful thing.... you know, except for the days when I throw up my Prevacid and the insurance only covers 30 pills every 30 days.... not much margin of error there.