Friday, December 18, 2009

Tragic Magic by Laura Childs

4 Stars
R- 2 ish
7th Scrapbooking Mystery

These are lame. I've mentioned that, right? And yet I can't stop reading them. :D

I'm a scrapbooker. I'm also a stamper. And a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator. I teach classes.

I still find the scrapbooking in these books lame.

But I LOVE the characters and I can't stop reading about them.

And in this most recent installment we FINALLY get a new love interest. I mean, geez louise, the ex was a loser. We really needed to get off the "well, maybe this time he's changed" kick.

Bye bye loser. Moving on to greener pastures. So to speak.

Anyway, this time Carmela and Ava have been picked to help decorate/stage a haunted house. 'Cause hey, it's New Orleans. You gotta love a good haunted house.

But when they go to see the property, a flaming body comes flying out the upstairs window. Probably not a good omen, right?

With Carmela's new beau on the case.... and picking a friend of Carmela's as a suspect, the intrepid scrapbook store owner once again finds herself on the trail of a killer.

I really do recommend starting at the beginning with the series-- Keepsake Crimes is the first.

And don't forget to check out the tasty recipes at the back of every one!


  1. Recipes + scrapbooking + crimes? I don't see how this CAN'T be awesome.

  2. Britt and Connie, I hope you'll give my mystery series a try. I'm Joanna Campbell Slan, and I've been working in the scrapbooking industry since 1998. (I wrote for CK and MM and PaperKuts.) My books are about a young mom named Kiki Lowenstein whose comfortable life turns upside-down with the death of her husband. Kiki takes a job at her local independent scrapbook store to provide for herself, her daughter and their rescue pup. First in the series: Paper, Scissors, Death. Second is Cut, Crop & Die.

  3. Connie- Plus the atmosphere of the New Orleans French Quarter. :D

    Joanna- I'm always up for a new mystery series. :D

  4. I've seen these at the library and wondered about them. I really like cozy mysteries. A few years ago I read over a dozen of Lillian Jackson Braun's "The Cat Who..." mysteries. I'm not an animal lover at all so before I read one I couldn't imagine liking a book in which a cat is a main character but I love the quirky characters. I know these kind of books don't have a whole lot of substance but I can't help but like them.

  5. I read a ton of those as a kid. I can't seem to resist fluff mysteries either.