Thursday, January 28, 2010

Books Books Everywhere.....

And the shelves began to shrink....

I can't be the only one in this boat, right?  Books everywhere, spilling off shelves...

So yesterday I sat myself down on the floor in front of Boo and Mister's bookcase.  (Yes, risking the possibility of being stuck there until my husband got home to haul my big pregnant self OFF the floor, but some things just have to be done.)

My children own a ridiculous number of books.  First of all, there are books we have from when I was a kid.... then there are the books my mother-in-law sends us as hubby's youngest siblings have outgrown them.... then there are all the books we can't seem to resist at cheap places like the library or thrift stores.... and of course the books they get for Christmas or for their birthdays....

The result?  A freakish number of books-- especially for 2 kids who can't read yet.

So I did it.  I sorted.  I purged.  I made a DI pile (VERY LARGE) and a "donate to the nursery" pile (good sized too).  (Nursery is the LDS class for ages 18 months to 3 years.  I was in there with Mister Sunday, since he's having a hard time staying without Mommy or Daddy during nap time...  They seriously need more/better books.  It was sad.) 

I even organized the books on the shelves.  Granted, they've already undone that.  When I got up this morning there were already books strewn all over.  But, hey, that means they're looking at them, right?

Now that that's done, how are my books, you ask?  We don't talk about my books.  :D 

Anybody else purging lately?  Is it a late winter thing?  Probably just a crazy nesting thing, huh?


  1. I donate about once a month, to a book charity (I read really fast, and I have NO shelf space). But I still have no place for new books. Sigh.

  2. A monthly purge is a REALLY good idea! I read really fast too, but most of the time I'm reading library books!

  3. You guys are so much better than I am! I haven't "donated" or "weeded" my shelves in...well, ever. Occasionally I have giveaways for ones I want to pass on or I give them to my family members. I think I don't buy nearly as many books as other book bloggers, though.

  4. I don't buy as many for myself, but cheap kids books are a real weakness.

    I do have a bin I keep for blog giveaways, too.