Thursday, January 21, 2010

D. A. by Connie Willis

4 stars

Short and quirky.  :D

I love Connie Willis.  I really do.  Her stuff is hilarious and fun and weird.

This fits that bill.

Totally irreverent and quirky, this is the story of a girl who absolutely does not want to go to the Academy.  She wants to go to UCLA.

So no one is more surprised than her when her name is called as the only cadet appointed from her school.

As she insists there must be some mistake, she's propelled forward as if it's everything she ever wanted.... but it's not.

But she's not leaving without an explanation.

Sort of sci-fi, but not really.  Great quick read.  It's shelved with the adult fiction, but I think it would have a lot of appeal to high schoolers... and even middle schoolers.

Counts for the Support Your Local Library Challenge!


  1. That is a great little book and I love Connie Willis too! My favorite book of hers is "To Say Nothing of the Dog."

  2. To Say Nothing of the Dog is such a great book!

    Have you read Bellwether? That's the one that got me started on her books.

  3. Actually I said "To Say Nothing" was my favorite book of hers. I don't know what is wrong with me because it is actually "Bellwether" which is my favorite book in general. I also like "Doomsday Book."

  4. LOL.
    I liked Doomsday Book too. It's darker, but it was so well done!

  5. I love Connie Willis books! I laughed my head off with "Bellwether", and hit my bedroom wall with "Doomsday Book".

  6. I think it may be time to reread Bellwether. :D