Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nancy Drew

I'm not going to review each of these as I go.

I had planned to, but really.... I don't think I'm going to have much new to say after the first couple.

'Cause they're really all very similar.

And they're hilarious.... unintentionally.  :D  Talk about the quintessential fluff mystery.

Not real well written.... not real complicated.... and yet they're classic and enduring and endearing.

And I have no idea why.

I'm wondering if kids still read them, though, because the language is a bit out of date.  Not quite as bad as the Curious George books maybe.... but still.  (Seriously, when was the last time you tried to actually READ ALOUD one of the original Curious George books?  Wowsers.  I rephrase a LOT.)

So why??   Why are these so blasted popular?  Why do I keep reading even as I'm laughing at how silly they are?

There's just something universal about them.

Anyway-- I've read The Clue of the Black Keys and The Scarlet Slipper Mystery and The Crooked Banister.  (Those being the 3 yellow-cover originals I own.)

The Crooked Banister totally has the coolest cover.  :D


  1. I just ate these up as a kid. I wouldn't want to reread them now, though... definitely kid books.

  2. I think it really is all the nostalgia that makes them still enjoyable. If I was reading them for the first time now, I would probably gag. :)

  3. I always loved the descriptions of clothes. "Nancy pulled a fawn colored sweater over her shoulders, covering her crisp white Oxford blouse. It perfectly complimented her pistachio-colored wool skirt, and her cream and tan spectator pumps."

    So Preppy! Love!

  4. Nessie, yeah it's interesting reading them as an adult... I figure I'll be reading them with Boo in the next few years anyway though. :D

    Melissa, I totally almost gagged on one of them the other day. :D

    Connie, oh I know! Nowadays it would be trashed jeans and a tight tshirt.... at best.... sigh.