Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-- New Family Members

Boo's new pet-- Melissa. Because you can't convince a preschooler that a pink fish is a boy.

Mister's new pet-- Nemo. Yeah, the name choice is a shocker.  (He's dark blue I promise.  I didn't want to use the flash and freak them out.)

We got them Saturday and they're still alive!!

PS- HAPPY EPIPHANY!!  (Which is just cool to say if nothing else.)
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  1. Hey, we got one of these awhile back too. He is the 4th variety of pet at our house... after the cat, the bird and the crabs. Ours is deep turquoise color so the kids named him Sapphire.

    Happy Epiphany back at ya!

  2. These are starter pets for us. I'm not really interested in anything that I'd have to house-train while trying to potty train... for some strange reason...

  3. How fun! K's first beta was named Nemo too. She really wanted to name her second one Nemo as well, but I convinced her a new fish needs a new name.

  4. I think Nemo is probably the top of the "fish name chart". :D