Tuesday, February 23, 2010


From the dinosaur underwear to stuffed animals to books, we're on a bit of a dino kick around here. 

(Though interestingly enough the dino undies aren't actually the ones he likes best.... I know, probably TMI.  You try potty training this long while pregnant and coming out with all brain functions and filters intact.)


When Dinosaurs Came with Everything is a GREAT book.  I think we may have talked about it before, but it totally bears mentioning again, because it's just cute.  It's a big hit right now.  Both Boo and Mister just can't seem to get enough of the little boy who gets a new dinosaur at each place as he runs horribly boring errands with his mom.  I think they're really wishing life was more like that. ;)

Also high on our list right now-- Jane Yolen's dinosaur books.  I think this one's my favorite-- How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?.  I find it really funny that it starts with what do they do when Daddy is putting them to bed, then move to Mommy putting them to bed before concluding that they behave at bedtime. :D

Though lately, that is maybe just slightly too close to realy life at our house.  Mister has always been a bit of a clingy child.... okay, he's totally clingy.  And shy.  And Mommy's boy.

And the whole potty-training-stress situation has made it worse... even if he does spend half the day insisting he wants Daddy, when it comes right down to it, only Mommy will do.  Sigh.  He's in for a huge wake-up call when this baby makes her appearance.

Anyway-- Dinosaurs, Jane Yolen.... what was I saying?

Ah yes, the whole series is adorable, at least all the ones we've read.  There are apparently lots more though.  They're great teaching tools too, because they go through a bunch of examples of bad behaviors and then talk about how dinosaurs don't act that way.  Dinosaurs have good manners. :D

In other news, anytime after March 3rd is fair game for Baby J to make her appearance, so if blog posts disappear for a bit, you know why. ;)


  1. We love the How do Dinosaurs series at my house. My son just got How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You and How Do Dinosaurs Play With their Friends for Christmas? They are just the cutest. Now if only they did a How Do Dinosaurs Use the Potty book...?

  2. We love the Dinosaurs books too. We found one at the library about when dinosaurs get sick. I enjoy them too.

  3. Andrea-- those are 2 we haven't read yet. I need to see what the library has! I'm almost surprised they don't have a potty one yet...

    Laura-- that's one we've been reading over and over! Love it!