Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome to Picture Book Week!

Potty training is actually going much better than expected, but between it and everything else....  I haven't actually read much.

Except picture books.  Because really, they're a great way to keep little monsters seated. :D

Wonder Bear is an ADORABLE book.  It actually has no text, which totally threw my kids off at first, but the story is all told through the pictures.  Which are great!

This was a random grab at the library, but turned out to be a wonderful book.  (Unlike Young Larry that we got at the same time....)

What do your kids think of books without text?  We just kind of talked about the pictures....  Are they more the kinds of books they just look at on their own?  Or are they part of your "storytime"?

Either way, this one's a good bet!


  1. We usually stick with books with words for nighttime stories, but sometimes my son will get out wordless books just to look at.

    Congrats on your potty training going well. Mine is not going well AT ALL.

  2. Sorry-- :(
    I hate potty training. Even when it's going well it's no fun...